King Lear

“Fascinating performance.  Kelly’s physicality is stiff and regal at the beginning, and he progressively breaks it down until he is a fluidly expressive, albeit broken man.”

Keith Waits,


“Baron Kelly takes on the role of Othello and completely embodies the character to make him believable in every scene.”

Russell Warne, Utah Theater Bloggers


“…Baron Kelly’s magnificently humane rendering of Gabe turns him into a compelling figure.”

Joel Beers, OC Weekly


“Baron Kelly plays a difficult role as Troy’s mentally impaired brother, Gabe. Many of Wilson’s plays have a “crazy seer” character, and it’s important to keep such role tethered to the story’s reality. Kelly finds the right notes.”

Paul Hodgins, OC Weekly

The Root

“an intelligent, beautifully written, and thoroughly engrossing orgy of greed, menace, and conflicting motivations … perfectly realized”

David C. Nichols, Los Angeles Times


“In the end, character triumphs. Baron Kelly most often seen in classical drama, who jives his way through the part of Willis as if it were subtitled “Pimp my

Cynthia Citron,


“efficiently staged…acted with verve”

Neal Weaver, L.A.Weekly

Measure for Measure

“Kelly is a crafty yet formidable Vincentio, determined to outwit his corrupt deputy.”

Eric Marchese, OC Register


“…refreshing clarity and comic ease. This is accomplished without compromising the play’s somber heart as Duke Vincentio (an arresting Baron Kelly) pulls strings, unseen, while observing his licentious people and the behavior of his chosen deputy, Angelo.”

Lynne Heffley, LA Times

Midsummer’s Night Dream

“…the double-casting of Keane and Kelly is inspired, with Keane a regal Titania and Kelly all controlled fury as Oberon.”

Eric Marchese, OC Register


“Duncan for once has real stature as played by Baron Kelly, seen last season as the father in the “NO” play at the New Rep.”

Will Stackman, AISLE SAY

No Niggers, No Jews, No Dogs

“Baron Kelly’s laugh, playing Daddy, is a kind-hearted detonation of obvious love for his two growing girls and adored wife… Kelly’s bio is a portrait of an actor of international stature, and here on stage he IS this honest, powerful man who would kill (and clearly would be killed) if he knew the real truth.”

The Theater Mirror


“…[Director Adam Zahler] garners fine performances from those playing the Cheeks family, especially Jacqueline Gregg as the indomitable Mattie and Baron Kelly as the short-tempered Rawl.”

Bill Marx, WBUR.ORG Arts

Master Harold and the Boys

“If you’ve never seen the incomparable actor Baron Kelly at work, do not miss ‘Master Harold’ and the Boys’ … Kelly gives [the character] Sam depth and intelligence.”

Debra Neff, Capital Times

The King and I

“Kelly is a talented professional actor, whose presence on stage, no matter how small the role, usually commands attention. He is masterful as The King…”

Nadine Goff, The State Journal


“Kelly’s amazing Krogstad is desperate, yet sympathetic. His loneliness is palatable, and he manages to make the scheming lawyer a believable loveinterest for Mrs. Linde.”

Debra Neff, Capital Times

The Three Musketeers

“The fast pace of the original narrative has been transformed into the dizzying speed of a great deal of action … James Ridge imbued the troubled Athos with the suitable amount of pensiveness; Baron Kelly broadstroked Porthos; and Troy Dwyer had the necessary light touch in portraying the priestly-worldly Aramis.”

John Aehl, Wisconsin State Journal